Our Mission is:

  • To raise the level of concern for the future of the Ponds.
  • To keep the water as free of pollution as is possible.
  • To preserve the fish populations and other wildlife.
  • To act as a channel of information to and from other associations and agencies involved in the preservation of Maine's lakes and to work in common cause with them.
  • To provide information to each property owner about how he or she can act as a responsible individual to protect life in and on the Ponds.

Hobbs Pond Association was founded in 1971 by a number of concerned Hope residents and summer pond residents interested in preserving the clean water and abundant wildlife populations supported by the pond.  In the mid-1980s the Association, with the help of many others, successfully challenged the bid by the then Camden-Rockland Water Company to withdraw large quantities of water from Fish and Hobbs Ponds, and was instrumental in developing a long term water use program for the area served by the water company.  In the midst of this controversy the Association invited residents of and interested parties to Fish Pond to become members of the newly named Hobbs and Fish Ponds Association.

Many pond residents have multigenerational histories on Hobbs or Fish Ponds with the first of the summer-only camps being built in the first decade of the 1900's.  Honeymoon Cottage on Payson Path was the earliest building (built as a barn) except for the residences along Barnestown Road. 

The Association has its annual meeting in early July every year, and the Board of Directors meets several times to set agendas and discuss ongoing and new issues pertinent to our mission (found itemized in the blue side-bar to the right side of the page).  Please consider joining and supporting our work.



    Our Officers and Board of Directors for 2013:


                    President:  David Hall

                    Vice President:  Jeff Connon

                    Secretary:  Judith Jones

                    Treasurer:  Julie Jones


                    Board Members:

                        Linda Lord

                   Barbara Mason

                   Michelle Merrifield

                   Deborah Richardson