Our Mission is:

  • To raise the level of concern for the future of the Ponds.
  • To keep the water as free of pollution as is possible.
  • To preserve the fish populations and other wildlife.
  • To act as a channel of information to and from other associations and agencies involved in the preservation of Maine's lakes and to work in common cause with them.
  • To provide information to each property owner about how he or she can act as a responsible individual to protect life in and on the Ponds.

Hobbs and Fish Ponds Association

Basic Boating Laws and Responsibilities

of the State of Maine



The following is a reminder of State of Maine Boating Laws and Responsibilities.  The State has an excellent Guide and can be visited at:   www.marine.gov/ifw

Please pass a copy of this review on to your renters.

  • All motorized boats must be registered with the State.  Boats in Maine for less than 60 days need only to obtain a valid Lake and River Protection Sticker which may be purchased at the Town
  • Kids under 12 years age may operate a motorboat over 10 horsepower only if there is another person at least 16 years old in the boat.  All boats, including kayaks and canoes, must have a USCG approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) Type I, II, III or V for each person on board.  All children 10 years or younger must wear their PFD.  Anyone being towed must wear a
  • Remember to have a light aboard for nighttime
  • All inboard driven boats must have a fire extinguisher on
  • Remember that wakes may disturb and harm shorelines, floats and docks.  Operate at Headway Speed (the slowest speed at which it is possible to control steering) within 200 feet of any shoreline. This is especially true in the narrowest parts of our ponds because people may be swimming and poorly
  • Please help us maintain the wonderfully clear and potable water of Hobbs and Fish Ponds. Be sure to inspect your boat, trailer and props for any vegetation when moving from one body of water to another.  Fishing line, lures and hooks can also carry these invasive plants. Also be very careful when fueling your tanks so that no fuel spills into the
  • We are fortunate to have loons raising chicks on our Ponds.  Please be observant of where they are on the water and give them space for safety.  The chicks are all too vulnerable to our fast boats.


Thank you for helping us all have a safe place to swim, fish and boat on our very special Ponds.


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