Our Mission is:

  • To raise the level of concern for the future of the Ponds.
  • To keep the water as free of pollution as is possible.
  • To preserve the fish populations and other wildlife.
  • To act as a channel of information to and from other associations and agencies involved in the preservation of Maine's lakes and to work in common cause with them.
  • To provide information to each property owner about how he or she can act as a responsible individual to protect life in and on the Ponds.

***Critter Catchers Are Here!***

Young Hobbs Ponders deploying a Critter Catcher.

Free Critter Catchers are now available.  These easy to use kits include a simple device to attract pond insects and other small organisms, a magnifying lens and identification keys to help determine what is in the sample. The Critter Catcher can be used by young and old alike.


View the slide show to see how the kit goes together and download the instructions and keys using this link.  Or you can arrange to pick up hard copies from a designated Association member on your road.


For kits, see Bruce Lord on Payson Path, Julie Jones on Loon Lane, Mary Ireland on True Lane, and Alex Uhll on Luce Lane and Crabtree Rd.


Please send any comments/suggestions about the kits to Bruce Lord.  The Association would also like to know what you found using the kits.


What Are Critter Catchers?

Critter Catcher Assembly Guide