Our Mission is:

  • To raise the level of concern for the future of the Ponds.
  • To keep the water as free of pollution as is possible.
  • To preserve the fish populations and other wildlife.
  • To act as a channel of information to and from other associations and agencies involved in the preservation of Maine's lakes and to work in common cause with them.
  • To provide information to each property owner about how he or she can act as a responsible individual to protect life in and on the Ponds.




                       to the Hobbs & Fish Ponds Association!

We hope that you find the information on the News, and Conservation and Education pages helpful, and enjoy browsing our Photo Galleries.  Please contact an Association officer or board member for additional information or to make suggestions for improving this site.


Latest Bacterial Contamination Tests Show Zeros at All Stations Tested

For information on recent bacterial counts and a brief discussion of what the tests mean, please follow this link.  This opens a new window; to return here, simply close that window.



Loon feeding chick

 Loons:  Water Level Changes Pose Threat to Loon Nesting

 The removal of a small beaver dam being built at the Crabtree Rd. culvert was removed by the town along with the actual dam located just upstream from the culvert, resulting in an immediate reduction in water level of more than a foot this spring.  Since then, the beaver, now protected by the State has rebuilt a dam and the water level is slowly rising, although it remains about 8" below its normal level for this time of year.

Because of the low water level at the time when the loon next platform was to be installed in the north end of the pond, the launch date was postponed for a couple of weeks - weeks that ordinarily would have seen the loon pair proceeding with nest building and egg laying.  

As of July 1, 2016, there has been one chick observed with the parents at the north end.

Please keep a watchful eye for loons on the water (see the News page for reports of two loons killed by boats in 2014) and give them wide berth; view them with binoculars if possible. Also contact the webmaster here a shout at the first sighting of chicks around the first week of July so that this page can be updated.



July 4th Boat Parade     July 4th Parade on Hobbs Pond

Gather in your patriotic pontoons and festive fishing boats for a parade around the pond beginning at noon on the 4th of July.  The parade begins at the public landing.  If you're not in a boat during the parade, make sure to see it from your porch or dock.  





Annual Meeting

The Hobbs and Fish Ponds Association will hold its annual meeting on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Office in Hope.  Discussion of the removal of the dam at Crabtree Road and subsequent endeavors to rectify the situation.


 Hobbs Pond Annual Swim (not an HFPA sponsored event)

Sunday, July 31.  Gather at the public boat ramp on Pond Road at 9:30; the swim begins at 10:00.  The Swim will be followed by lunch at the town office.  Contact Bill or Judith Jones for additional information (207-763-3576).




Saturday, August 20 (rain date Sunday, August 21), 6 p.m.  Power boats, row boats, kayaks, canoes and tubes all welcome!  We'll raft together and drift the pond.  Bring your 

float up 2015

choice of beverages and some snacks to share.